Lipp Silo

The most advanced Lipp Silo construction machine and Lipp patented technologies are widely used in the field of grain & oil, brewage, cement, glass, ceramics, petrochemical, wastewater treatment and biogas project etc. Manufacturing capacity reaches 5 million cubic meter, the silos built by KMEC distribute in every province and autonomous region of china and have already entered into international market successfully.

Construction Materials

According to stored materials, sanitation requirements and anti-corrosive requirements, the following materials could be used to carry out double folding to meet the requirements of various usages such as steel plate, galvanized steel plate, aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, nickel plate and our patented material-Werinox.

Construction Equipments

Lipp technology and equipments was invented by German – Savar Lipp, Lipp equipment include decoiler, former, bender, scaffold and high frequency stud welding machine.

  • Folding Station: The bent material is rolled and folded into a spiral silo body.
  • Profiling Station: Material is bent into the preliminary shape and the right diameter.
  • Cаrrier Frаme: It cаrries the spirаl up-rising silo bοdy with the right diаmeter.
  • Coil Unwinder: Steel plate coil is unwinded on it.
  • High Frequency Stud Welder: Tο weld the stiffener οn silo bοdy with bοlt and sο avοiding the destructiοn οn material surface.

Construction Procedure

Positioning of Lipp Euipment – Coiling Steel Plate – Siloroof Installation – Silo Lifting – Silo Lowering and Fixing – Corridor and Auxiliary Equipments Installation

lipp silo lipp silo

The Principle of Spiral Folding

The construction technique of Lipp Silo is the most advanced technology in the world. Its construction method is unique. While constructing, feed the coil sheet of 495mm in width into the profiling station, making an confined encircling spiral protruding strip of 30-40mm in width around the silo body, thus, it plays the role of increasing the strength of the silo body. For two different kinds of material, the Lipp technics can do the double folding construction.


Projects of Lipp Silo
Lipp Silo Project Lipp Silo Project Lipp Silo Project
Lipp Silo Project Lipp Silo Project Lipp Silo Project


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