Construction Type

Lipp Silo
The most advanced Lipp Silo construction machine and Lipp patented ...More>>
Flat Bottom Silos
For a flat bottom silo, a flat surface is required to give full su ...More>>
Hopper Bottom Silos
Hopper bottom silo,also named as cone bottom silo,hopper bottom st ...More>>
Smooth Wall Silos
Smooth walls are clean and have no contamination problems and this ...More>>
Stainless Steel Silos
Top steel silo manufacturer in China, supply a wide range of stain ...More>>
Bolted & Welded Steel Silos
KMEC welded and bolted steel silos are one of the most advanced st ...More>>
Elevated Silos
KMEC manufactures a wide range of elevated silos such as grain ele ...More>>
Tower Silos
KMEC- reliable tower silo manufacturer in China, we design a range ...More>>
Transportable Silos
KMEC portable silos adopt cone or hopper design and are available ...More>>
Corrugated Steel Silos
Corrugated steel grain silos and metal silos for sale, matching wi ...More>>

KMEC Steel Silo for Sale

KMEC is the leader of steel silo supplier in China, specialized in steel silo design and manufacturing, service the customers since 1990. Our steel silos are specially designed depending on the materials to be stored and clients’ specific requirements in material handling. Mobile silos are also available.

The design high light of our silos for sale is the lower portion of the steel silo - the large loads from the stored products are channeled, and an efficient flow pattern that makes the unloading of the steel silo more efficient.

Referring to steel silo construction, there are many options for you – Flat Bottom Silos, Hopper Bottom steel Silos, Smooth Wall Silo, Stainless Steel Silos, Corrugated Steel Silo, etc. Different constructions have different characteristics and applications. KMEC steel silo’s experience and knowledge mean that our designs are your best choice and can fit all your needs. Just tell us your situations and requirements and we will offer you a specific steel silo plans.

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