Vertical Storage Silo for Sale

Vertical Storage Silo can be used to store a huge amount of dry materials, such as wood pellets, flour, corn or grain. Elevated silos possess a convenient unloading system. You just need to pull up the trucks beneath the silo and the stored materials can be unloaded to the trucks. When it is done, the trucks can be driven off. Sizes can be as large as 25,000m3.

hopper bottom silo Transportable Silo

Large silos or silo groups generally include some additional equipment (walkways between decks, dust controlling filter flange, ladders, relief vacuum pressure equipment for example). If you have other specific requirements, you can order a custom storage system.

What is good storage silo supposed to be?

Impact and corrosion are the two basic qualities that led to a long life. But silos for different materials have different characteristics so when looking for a storage silo for sale, it is important to tell the supplier. (wood pellet silos, corn silo, flour silo)

Cost-effective Vertical Storage Silo for Sale

The key to buy a high quality silo on line is finding the right silo manufacturer. Pick the one which can offer on site design and installation. KMEC is a supplier of various storage bins in China and we promise you cost-effective, smooth running and long lasting storage system.