Tower Silos

Tower SilosKMEC- reliable tower silo manufacturer in China, we design a range of tower silos including farm feed storage silo. Our advanced tower silos are strong enough to withstand wind and storm damage. Furthermore, quality control and on-site inspection is required during construction.

In generally, there are two styles of tower silo, one is tower silos with antennas (antennas are mounted on the outside wall) and the other is wireless silo tower with the antennas hidden (antennas are mounted inside or under a fiberglass roof). KMEC tower silos can also be designed with equipment rooms inside the silo. During the silo construction, we have quality control and on-site inspection to keep the strength and safety.


Tower Silo Design

In old days, tall, bullet-shaped tower silos are used for storing forage crops for feeding animals. Over about 40 years, the design, construction and foundation have been largely improved. Small size silo fabricating may be not that difficult for contractor or distributor. But for large tower silos, experience, technical knowledge and thorough soil investigation is quite necessary. That is to say, you are recommended to find a reliable and large tower silo manufacturer, so that you can get optimal silo plans and professional guidance. Besides, the properties of the foundation silos should also be taken into account in silo design.

Feel free to contact us! Tell us about your situations and requirements and our engineers will offer a tailor-made tower silo plans.