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KMEC silo manufacturer is specialized in design all kinds of storage silos, including agricultural silos and industrial silos. Agricultural silos are produced for store feed, food and other powdered or granular materials, flour and pellets for example. Industrial silos are used for bulk material storage, such as sugar, salt, cement, coke, etc.

The cost of industrial silo is generally 1/3 higher than traditional warehouse or house storage, but it can simplify loading and unloading process, reduce operating and maintenance costs, eliminate the heavy bagging process, which is conducive to mechanization and automation operations. Because of all this, storage silos have become one of the main forms of grain storage (granary).

Advantages of KMEC Industrial Silos

KMEC is an international industrial silo manufacturer, specialized in industrial silo design and constructing since 1990. Our silos are available in many diameters and sizes (offering custom-made silo plans) to ensure a flexible storage capacity. Short planning phase and fast delivery is the main advantage of buying from KMEC. Besides, we also offer on site assembly for our customers. Our industrial silos can be enhanced by a wide range of silo accessories – silo insulation systems, weighing systems, silo outlets, silo monitoring, silo roofs and silo entrances.

Our customers from agricultural, plastics, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and recycling industrial rely on KMEC steel silos for long term storage of their high-quality bulk goods.

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