Bulk storage silo sold from KMEC manufacturer is designed with explosion protection, discharge systems, pressure relieve valves, silo monitoring and much more. With years of experience in silo design, constructing and manufacture, we supply tailor-made and efficient bulb storage silos and small portable storage silos with competitive price. Besides, buying bulk storage silos for us and you can enjoy professional development, storage silo planning, construction, transportation, assembly, start-up and after installation services. If you need bulk storage silos which differ from the standard sizes, we can also provide an economic plans and solution for your special application (cohesive bulk goods, asymmetric flow, enhanced blast zone, enhanced seismic zone, etc).

There are various types of storage silos, such as aluminium silos, steel storage silos, stainless steel silos, galvanized steel silos and blending silos. Steel storage silos are the most common one in the market. Steel storage silos are widely applied for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, plastics industry, animal feed industry, confectionery industry and recycling industry.


Storage Silo

Dry Bulk Storage Silos

KMEC proves storage silos for wood pellets, flour, seed, grain, kiln dust, crushed rock dust and other dry products. Referring to grain storage, there are smooth wall steel silos and corrugated steel silos. Compared with corrugated steel silos, smooth wall style is heavier and cost more, but can minimizes product hang-up effectively.

Liquid Storage Silos

Due to technical product testing services, we can provide the optimum storage solutions for reliable flow of liquid materials including plastic resin and oil.

Granular/Dust Material & Mineral Storage

There are silos fabricated for mineral storage applications (coal, crushed rock and other dust or granular materials). With abrasion resistant coatings which is factory applied and baked, our mineral dry bulk storage silos are widely used for large-scale and specialized applications such as cogeneration projects.

Interested in build bulk storage silos? Want to know the  costs and more details about KMEC bulk storage silo manufacturer? Feel free to contact us! And we will offer you a special designed storage silo plans depending on your situations and requirements.