Hopper Bottom Silos

Hopper/Cone Bottom Silo

Hopper bottom silo, also named as cone bottom silo, hopper bottom storage bins, refers to silo with a cone bottom. Generally, a funnel is needed in the silo for most material storage. For small silo storages, the steel hopper/cone can be fixed with the sidewalls. However for industrial silos with large diameter, to reduce the risk, the hopper/cone is designed to be supported by the silo bottom floor.

Hopper Bottom Silo
(60°/45° Hopper Bottom Storage Silo)

According to the customers’ requirements and situations, the shape of the hopper or cone will be designed specifically to achieve the needs of the products to be stored. For some products such as food and grain, dangerous and safety concerns need to be eliminated.

Cone Bottom Silos Hopper Bottom Silo

Our hopper bottom silo contains complete drainage. The configuration of hopper silo depends on the type of material to be stored. In generally, pellet products require a 45° cone bottom silo while powder or other material which is hard to flow fits 60° cone bottom silo storage. All our hopper bottoms are designed in accordance D-4097 or ASTM D-3299 standards for elevated cone heads. Hopper bottom steel silo come standard with a primed carbon steel pipe leg stand with silo floor plates and a standard 18” under clearance from the silo bottom to the silo floor plates. That is to say, hopper bottom silo is your only choice if complete drainage is absolutely necessary.

For the material of the leg stands, there are various options - FRP skirt support, T-304 or T-316 stainless steel pipe legs, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), painted carbon steel.

If you have decided on hopper bottom silo design, what you should do next is to choose the right top. Contact us for more details and further information.