Mining Storage Equipment

In mining industry, mining storage equipments, named mining storage silos are required treatment tanks which must resist the corrosive environment of mining processes and the highly abrasive nature of the materials. One of the vital characteristics of mining storage silos is dependability under tough environments. KMEC mining silos are ideal for mining storage since they can withstand extremely environment and locations.

Mining Storage Equipments

Bolted structure and welded structure are the two main design of mining storage silos. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Compared with welded structure silos, bolted steel silos are easier to build on site. Moreover, it is portable and can be un-bolted and moved to another place if necessary.

KMEC Mining Storage Silos

Mining Storage silo Mining Storage silos

KMEC mining storage silos can be applied in both process and effluent treatment and they have a wide range of applications includes mines for zinc, uranium, rare earth metals, potash, platinum, nickel, cobalt, iron ore, diamonds, copper, coal, silver, gold and other mineral mining types.