Features of Lipp Silos

Good Overall Performance and Long Life

Lipp silos are totally constructed by Lipp equipments, by coiling a folded place will be formed which is five times thicker than the coiled material with the depth between 30 and 40mm. It strengthens the bearing capacity of Lipp silos and make Lipp silo’s overall strength, stability and aseismicity better than other silos, and because of special construction materials Lipp silos have a longer life than other silos.

Good Gas Tightness and Extensive Usages

As special equipments are used during construction, quality can be ensured in each respect, with good gas tightness fumigation could be carried out inside silos to kill pest. According to the species of stored materials, characters and procedure requirements, different construction materials could be available. All of these make Lipp silos are widely used in the field of grain, cement and wastewater treatment.

lipp silolipp silo

Short Construction Period and Low Expenses

Lipp silos construction are carried out on site, siloroof is installed on the ground, operation linear velocity of Lipp equipments could reach 5cm per minute, so the construction period will be quiet short, construction materials of Lipp silo are thin steel plate, the application amount of the thin steel plate of a Lipp silo is just same as the reinforcing steel’s application amount in a concrete silo with the same volume. With the use of Lipp patented material-Verinox Lipp silos could be widely used in the field petrochemical and environmental protection, meanwhile it lowers the construction cost.

Save Space and Easily to Be Managed

Comparing with other silos, Lipp silos has a big choice of height and diameter. The distance between two Lipp silos could be 5 meter. Full automatic controlling could be used in temperature detection and level indicator etc, so easily to be managed.