Sawdust Pellet Machine Operation Points

Storage silo is widely applied to pellet production line. In this article, let's talk about pelleting and pelletizing machines.

making biomass wood pellets

For sawdust pellets machine, pelletizing system is an important section in the whole process, the pellet machine is the key equipment of pelletizing system, its operation is normal, operation is properly, will directly affect the quality of the final product. Combining with the experience of site operation in the past and the theory of knowledge, I want to talk about how to operation the pellets machine correctly.

A qualified operators must first master the pelletizing system operation. Based on past experience, summed up as follows:
The size of raw mateirals should be reduced: general the diameter of 4 mm is ok.

pellets machineThe purpose of adding water:

a. to improve production efficiency;
b. could prolong the service life of ring die;
c. reduce energy costs;

The water content should be controlled between15% ~ 18%.

All in all, the quality and yield of pellet production is closely related to the operator of the pellet plant. They must be based on the change of ambient temperature, humidity, moisture content, granularity of powder change, the adjustment of the formula and equipment wear and the special requirements of customers, production of qualified pellet material. To produce high quality products, the operator must have a comprehensive knowledge, rich experience and strong sense of responsibility, overcome difficulties, to produce high quality products.