Bolted & Welded Steel Silos

KMEC welded and bolted steel silos are one of the most advanced storage silos in the market. Our welded and bolted silos are recognized as kind of industry standard. We supply both liquid storage silos and dry bulk storage silos. KMEC China offers a range of welded steel silos with varied diameters and storage capacities. Both stainless steel and epoxy-coated carbon steel silos are available. And all these silos are designed to be water tight. Welded and bolted steel silos can be widely applied for grain, food, mineral, chemical/petrochemical storage.

Bolted and Welded Steel Silos

Our sales team can help you build the best silo plans – select the right style, size and features that fit your storage best. Our installation crews can install the silo and all accessories on site in your location to get the plant up and running.

Welded Silos

KMEC’s welded silos are constructed without gaskets, seams and bolts, eliminating material hang up problems. For welded epoxy-coated carbon steel silos, the outside wall must be primed and enamel coated to prevent rusting and the inside wall must be epoxy coated to keep away from contamination. But for welded stainless steel silos, there is no need of any internal epoxy coating or external painting.

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Bolted Steel Silos

Due to our stainless steel fabrication and carbon steel with factory-baked protective coatings, along with a great selection of hardware and gasketing, we can ensure the quality of our bolted steel silo and offer our clients reliable storage solutions for various applications.

For additional protection, bolted steel silos are supposed to utilize plastic encapsulated bolt heads and nut caps. Reliable assembly, proven quality and the economy of silo fabrication makes our bolted steel silos the best choice for industrial liquid storage applications.

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