Agricultural Silo

Silo storages can be divided in to agricultural silos and industrial silos. Farm silo, also known as farm silo storage and farm storage bin, is a kind of agricultural silo. KMEC is one of the world’s largest farm silo manufacturers, specialized in constructing steel farm silos, commercial silo storage and grain storage bins. KMEC farm silos adopt the most technologically advanced grain dryers and a complete material handling systems covering farm silo chain loop, spreaders, sweeps systems, commercial conveyors and bucket elevators. One source for all your material handling needs - storage, drying and conditioning!

Grain Storage

KMEC has been the leader of farm silo manufacturer in China since 1990. With a wide range of silos for sale and custom made service, KMEC has all the expertise and resources to offer you the best farm silo plans and farm silo storages that meets your specific situations and needs.

Grain Silos, Forage Silos & Slurry Storage Tanks for Sale

Farm silo storages can generally be divided into grain silos, forage silos (animal feed silo storage) and slurry storage tanks (containing farm wastes securely and safely to protect water sources of the world).

Farm Systems

KMEC farm silos provide you effective and economic grain storage solutions for most common farm products whether they are solid or liquid. Our farm silos meet the highest hygiene standards and are qualified to store medicinal products and food.

Small Farm Silo Medium-scale Farm Silo
Small Farm Silo (10T - 1,200T) Medium-scale Farm Silo (800T - 5,000T)

Commercial Systems

With exceptional resistance to abrasion, low friction surface and high hygiene level, KMEC farm silos can also be applied for large commercial storage systems.

Large Commercial Farm Storage System Large Complete Farm Silo
Large Commercial Farm Storage System (1,000T - 10,000T)


Some of the bulk silo applications include:

  • Food production silos
  • Coal silos
  • Carbon black silos
  • Fishmeal silos
  • Limestone silos
  • Powders silos
  • Plastics silos
  • Road salt silos
  • Soya meal silos
  • Grains οr οther whοle οr milled foοd stuffs silos

KMEC farm silo manufacturer design the silos tailοred tο suit specific mаterial prοperties. Our steel storage silos also allow for a range of filling (loading) and discharge (unloading) systems.

Other Applications of Farm Silos KMEC silo manufacturer can also offer ideal solutions for biogas storage tanks, farm anaerobic digesters and post digesters. Besides, we can also offer storage silos for pharmaceutical industry to store corrosive liquids.