Different Constructors of Grain Silo

Concerning grain silos, there are cement silos, steel silos, lipp silos, tower silos and stainless steel silos, etc. Grain silos are the equipment used to store harvested farm products. Stainless steel, smooth metal and corrugated galvanized metal are the most common materials of grain silo. Depending on the capacity of the silo, there are mini silo, steel silo and large industrial silo. Most grain silos are constructed cylindrical in shape and generally come with either a conical bottomed or flat bottomed. Although these silos have different constructors, they are usually designed with an outlet pipe at the lower part of the structure and a man-hole at the highest panels. Both openings can be locked tight when not in use. Normally, a good quality silo can be used for more than 30 years and it is very easily maintained.

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With the developing of construction technology, silos are not just plainly a traditional storage warehouse or large container. Nowadays, except mini silos and small silos, large grain silos can also assist in storing the grain more conveniently, fresher and easier since they are designed with built-in systems. There are ventilation system for the ventilation of air, loading & unloading system for transport and auto system to monitor the inside temperature. There are even systems that fumigate to protect the stored grain from pests.