Corrugated Steel Silos

Corrugated Steel Grain-Silos Corrugated Steel

We manufacture a range of steel grain silos and metal silos that match with the highest quality standards and can be applied to various industries. Our silos are specially designed for our clients’ requirements of storage which are customized for their exacting situation and requirements.

Corrugated Steel Silos Corrugated Steel Grain Silo

Corrugated steel grain silo is made from stainless steel (ripple steel sheet), known for high tensile strength and non reactivity. With experienced metal silo designing and constructing teams, we can promise long working life and less maintenance of it, offering our clients suitable silo system for a competitive price. This corrugated steel grain silo can also meet the needs of portability, which means you can set the silo in place at the project site by using a crane. Compared with site welded metal silos, this kind of grain silo improves the segregation, strength and the ease of pumping concrete.

Integrated System Merit:

  • Ventilation system (avoid the risk of mustiness)
  • Auto temperature detection part (show inside temperature)
  • Level detection part (show the inner stock level)
  • Transmit system and clean system (enable automatic load and unload)

Advantages of KMEC Corrugated Steel Grain Silos:

  • Low request for foundation, low basic cost and low consumption of steel.
  • High degree of standardization, easy to install, short assembling period.
  • Equipped with conveyor, monitoring, drying and ventilation devices and this makes the storage safer and more automatic.
  • Long working period (more than 30 years).
  • Easy to maintain. Our corrugated steel silo is easy to remove or repair since all the parts of the silo are connected by standard bolts.

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