Brew or Port Silo

Brewing is the production of beer through steeping a starch source in water and then fermenting with yeast. In the brew process, brew silos are needed to storage cereal grains.

KEMC is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of brew or port silo. Our technologically advanced brewery grain silos are sold far to Australia, Sudan, Ukraine, Korea and Argentina. Founded in 1990, KMEC brewery grain silo manufacturer is specialized in design both small grain silos and large industrial silos. Moreover, our professional team of installation can also offer on site assembly.

Photos of KMEC Brewery Grain Silo & Port Silo Projects:

Brewing Inductry
Zhujiang Beer Brew Silo Brew Silo Brew Silo
Zhujiang Beer Chongqing Beer Group Yanjing Beer (Jinzhong)
Port Industry
Door - Port Silo Silo Roof Structure - Port Silo Port Silo
Door Silo Roof Structure Large Feed System on The Top