Storage Type

Feed Storage
Feed silo is a storage bin used to store feedstock in industrial s ...More>>
Pellet Silo
Wood pellet silo is the equipment used to store large quantity of ...More>>
Lime Silo
Buying from KMEC and our experts will offer you the tailor-made li ...More>>
Cement Silos
Cement silos are constructed for cement storage and distribution. ...More>>
Coal Silos
Being an experienced silo manufacturer, we can offer you economica ...More>>
Ash Storage Silos
We supply a wide range of sturdy ash silos for hot ash, soda ash o ...More>>
Seed Silo
Seed silos are designed for vegetable seed storage in oil mill pla ...More>>
Brew or Port Silo
KEMC is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of brew or por ...More>>
Grain Storage
We supply a range of grain silos for the storage of all cereal cro ...More>>
Flour Storage
There are two types of flour storage container – concrete silos ...More>>
Starch Silo
KMEC is a reliable starch storage silo supplier in China, manufact ...More>>

Different materials require vastly different specifications of storage silo. The material to be stored decides the silo size, cone construction, wall thickness, flow patterns, material handling equipment and many other factor.

As a professional storage silo manufacturer, all our silos are designed in according with the material to be stored. Buying storage silos from KMEC, our engineers will help you walk through various options and offer you the right steel silo. Besides, our constructors can ensure your silo is built economically, safely and last for years to come.

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