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Flat Bottom Silo

For a flat bottom silo, a flat surface is required to give full support. The floor design of the steel silos is decided by the material to be silos. In flat bottom silos, air slides can be bolted onto the plinths cast into the floor or bolted directly to the silo floor. If you plan to store cement, fly ash or other materials that require fluidizing systems, flat bottom silos are generally the first choice. For a custom made steel silos such as columns are required below the silo floor, our material handling designers and silo designers will reach agreement through consultation to ensure the needs of both are met. Additionally, if the steel grain silos need to accept loads from mixing, condition and unloading equipments, equipment floors will be added to the steel silo plans.

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Flat bottom silos are one of the most common used steel silos in agricultural industry. And they are regard as the most popular and cost-effective way for long term storage, especially for grain and feed storage. All our flat bottoms are designed and constructed in accordance with D-4097 or ASTM D-3299 standards.

If you have decided to build a flat bottom silo, selecting the right top is want you should do next. Have got any questions or want more details of flat bottom design? Feel free to contact us!