Different Types of Raw Material Storage

There are various methods of raw material storage including indoor & outdoor equipments with security measures, pollution controls and many other facilities to protect the material in storage. KMEC is a reliable steel silo manufacturer and we offer tailor-made storage silos which are designed depending on your specific needs. Tailor-made storage silo can meet all your regulatory requirements. Besides, to help our clients learn more about raw material storage and choose the most appropriate type of storage for their raw materials, we offer consultation service for free.

Raw Material Storage

Outdoor Raw Material Storage

Outdoor raw material storage has some disadvantages:

  • The storage silo is exposed to weathering;
  • The materials may have the risk of contamination;
  • Chemical storage may also pose the risk of environmental contamination;

There are some ways to protect the material well, covering with water-resistant materials for example. Completely steel silos consisted of loading system, unloading system, security control system and other facilities can solve all those problems. With reasonable design, steel silo is very strong and resistant to corrosion and weathering. And steel silos are appropriate to store various different materials.

Indoor Raw Material Storage

Warehouse is the most common use indoor storage facility. There could be multiple storage rooms and can be climate-controlled if required. Warehouse can hold storage bins, barrels and piles of materials. It is easier and cost less to secure supplies when apply indoor raw material storage.

It is necessary to make a good plan of raw material storage and choose the right facilities. The stored supplies should be loaded, unloaded easily and quickly. For bulk material storage, steel silo is recommended.