Corrugated Metal Grain Silo–Safety Precautions

If you own a metal grain silo on your farm, do not enter it unless it is quite necessary. Here are some precautions that you should notice if you must enter the silo.

Corrugated Metal Grain Silo

  • Wear a harness attached to a properly secured rope.
  • Keep walking nearby outer wall of the corrugated metal grain silo. If the stored grain tend to starting flow, walking along the wall to the silo ladder or safety rope as quickly as possible.
  • Have one or two people who can help outside the metal grain silo in case that you are entrapped. These people are supposed to be trained in rescue procedures.
  • Anyone working in a grain silo should wear an appropriate filter respirator or dust filter to protect you from grain fines and dust which may cause breathing problem, especially the ones who enter the silo for cleaning.
  • When unloading equipment is running, you should stay away from the silo, grain trucks and wagons.
  • Keep children away from the metal grain silo, wagons or truck beds.
  • Before entering the silo, shut off the power to fans and augers and lock out any unloading equipment, in case that someone start the equipment unintentionally while you are in the grain silo.