Cargill Signs With Bellows Agro Romania An Agreement

Cargill Signs With Bellows Agro Romania An Agreement To Sell Two Of Its Silos - Bellows Agro Romania, the subsidiary of Soufflet Agriculture in Romania, just commit to buy the Cargill Group, producer and marketer of products and services in the areas of food, agriculture, finance and industry, two large silos located in Braila and Tandarei, in eastern Romania.

With a capacity of 25,000 tons, the silo of Braila has the advantage of being in a city divided by the Danube, the second longest river in Europe. The second silo, which is located in Tandarei, has a storage capacity of 23 000 tons. Both silos were built after the war, and have expanded in the 70s. They have both the distinction of being hybrids, since they are composed of a vertical concrete silo and additional in-store flat. 29 employees work at both sites. They will join the Group Bellows at the final signing of the agreement (closing).

This acquisition is beneficial for several reasons for the Group Bellows, expert chains wheat and barley, the first private French collector grains. First, it allows him to increase its storage capacity in Romania, where the company is growing rapidly. The situation of these two silos at the heart of important production areas of malting barley is of strategic importance for the company.

Bellows Agro Romania there already has many customers, and intends to build relationships with other local farmers. Finally, these new storage will secure the supply of malting Buzau, the nerve center of the Group in Romania, an annual production capacity of 106,000 tons.