A Brief Description of Grain Elevator Bin

Grain elevator bin is also known as grain bin or grain silo. It is a part of a grain elevator structure. In general, a grain elevator contains grain bin, grain silo and grain tanks, which means grain silo, grain bins and tanks are different equipments. The grain elevator bin normally contains a bucket elevator which can haul up and dump the grain into the silos, tanks or bins. Some grain elevator bins (especially farm silos) also contains a fodder silo, but some does not.

Grain Elevator Bins

In the old days, tower silos are constructed to storage silage. These typical tower silos are widely applied to fermenting fodder in the dairy industry. Later, the farms begin to use silos for grain storage. Since the grain silos/bins are always connected together and equipped with a bucket elevator, people prefer to call them grain elevators. Concerning the unloading methods, there are various options, but making the best of the gravity is the preferred choice. Grain elevator bins are generally unloaded by gravity feed system. Besides, unloading devices such as sweep augers, conveyors are required.