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The Technology Points of Cement Steel Silo

The cement silo can solve the problem of cement harden which caused by the temperature difference and moist air in the steel silo. The design of cement silo can effective control the silo temperature under the range from-50℃ to 160℃, each physics index of cement in the cement silo stay the same. 
The cement silo can solve the problem of inflow and leakage of the silo bottom. The design of KMEC cement silo uses polymer waterproof material technology to strengthen the silo bottom waterproof. The cement silo bottom and silo foundation adopt decay resistance waterproof materials to be for the final barrier of water. The bottom and foundation of cement steel silo use concrete waterproof and impermeable concrete. The controllable prevention scope of cement silo is: the waterproof level is the first level. Prevent leakage level is: 10-30 thousand tons of steel silo between P8-P12, 50-200 thousand tons of steel silo in P12. 
The cement in steel silo can be discharged safely, the cement silo adopts patent technology of KMEC, it ensures the cement discharge according to requirement of smooth discharging.
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