Welded Steel Silo

Welded Steel Silos
Brief Introduction to the Welded Steel Silos:
Our company provides stainless steel silo and welded steel silos which mainly used in cement, chemical industry, grain and oil storage, environmental protection industry and construction industry. This kind of steel silo are welded because there are no bolts, seams or gaskets. The inside of the welded steel silo is epoxy coated to prevent the material from pollution. The outside of welded steel silo is coated with priming and enamel to prevent rust. While, the stainless steel silos not need external painting or internal epoxy coating. KMEC offers welded silos in a variety of storage capacities from 1120 cubic feet to 6595 cubic feet. Cone configuration is determined by the type of material to be stored. Silos formed for pellet storage usually have a 45° cone bottom. For powder and hard to flow materials the silo isfitted with a 60° cone.
Features of the Welded Steel silos:
1. Huge capacity and low cost, flat bottom steel silos can be easily maintained.
2. Strong frame and special design, easy to be installed.
3. The welded steel silo adopts advanced technology.
4. The welded steel silo has wide application.