Bolted Steel Silo

Bolted Steel silos
Introduction to the Bolted Steel silos:
We provide multifunctional economical bolted-steel silos and hopper-bottom steel silo. The bolted steel silo can be used outside or in-plant bulk storage. We are one of the few bolted steel silo manufacturers who can offer the large scale steel silo to store large quantities of grain, cement and other bulk materials outside. The bolted steel silo installation is convenient. Many users would like choose bolted steel silo in KMEC for its rational price and high quality. KMEC specializes in manufacture, design and export all kind of steel silo, such as bolted steel silo, cement silo and flat bottom silo.
Features of the Bolted Steel silos:
1. The bolted steel silo has inexpensive price and is popular for many users.
2. Easy installation with its characteristics of safety and reliability.
3. The bolted steel silo has reasonable production craft and advanced manufacture technology.