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The KMEC Stainless Steel Silo Characteristics

KMEC is a special stainless steel silo manufacturer. The stainless steel silo has high quality and has been trusted by most consumers both domestic and abroad. the steel silo can be used in port transfer and storage, mixing plant and cement manufacturers. The followings are the features of KMEC stainless steel silo. 
1. Large reserves, until now there is no bigger steel silo than the large reserve storage warehouse, according to the current design and construction capacity, the stainless steel silo unit storage can up to 10 tons. 
2. Saving investment, the traditional steel silo construction investment cost in the basic of base acres, acres seat one thousand tons of reinforced concrete silo invested nearly 1 million RMB, tons of cement storage investment of 1,000 yuan, and large steel silo for cement storage invested about 150 RMB, the stainless steel silo can reduced by 60% or more than reinforced concrete silo investment. 
3. Small footprint and safety storage. Energy saving, environmental protection is the most prominent feature of the stainless steel silo. A large scale of stainless steel silo can replace the original cement warehouse, meanwhile reducing the multiple sets of conveyor equipment investment, and reduce energy consumption, cement industry experts know this. Large stainless steel silo is a very environmental friendly storage of bulk cement.
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