Grain Silo

Grain Silo
Brief Introduction to the Grain Silo:
The grain silo can be divided into three kinds: bag silos, bunker silos, and tower silos. Grain silo is usually used to store bulk material, such as grain, seed and silage (sorghum, oats, or maize). Grain silos are cylindrical structures and also can be constructed in the form of warehouses, domes or large elongated bags. Bag silo is a convenient and cheap way to store various grain, its diameter usually is 6-8 feet and the length can be adjusted. Some farmers use bag silos exclusively for its ease of access, low maintenance requirements and inexpensive price. The other two types grain silo has their own application. Sometimes the users can choose stainless steel silo as the grain warehouse.
Features of the Grain Silo:
1. The grain silo has inexpensive price and is popular for many farmers.
2. The grain silo structure is simple and low maintenance requirements.
3. There are three types for the users to choose.
4. The grain steel silo is easy to install and can proof rain, air and ashes.