Elevated Silo

Elevated Silo
Elevated Silo Applications:
Elevated silo usually used for dairy and grain storage, feed storage of mixed, crushed and various grains. We provide high quality elevated steel silos and other steel silos such as, stainless steel silos, grain steel silo and so on. The elevated silo sizes available from 30m3(30 tonne) to 69.8m3 (53 Tonne). Elevated silo are widely used in grain storage, flour mill, starch factory, oil and grease plant, feed mill, ethanol plant, winery, seed companies, ports, farms, food processing centers, plastic granules, cement,coal, chemical and other industries, elevated steel silo is the ideal equipment for storage particles and powder materials. 
Features and Benefits of Elevated Silos:
1. Elevated Silos have heavy duty blower pipe (4.5mm thick) for easy filling.
2. Exhaust vent and camloc45° or 30° cones to suit your needs1000mm clearance for Roller Mills and feed systems etc.
3. Extra sight glasses,Cone angle can be designed ,Outlet height raised or lowered