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How to Solve The Steel Silo Assembly Problem

KMEC is a steel silo manufacturer in China, she has achieved great success in steel silo research, and still strengthen the technology research and development on steel silo assembly. The continuously innovation is the basic for KMEC to develop new type steel silos, such as grain silo, cement silo and so on. 
KMEC provides safe, reasonable and efficient planning and design of steel silo assembly according to the features of variety of materials and discharge materials in the cement industry, after a long practice and technology research KMEC steel silo engineering research center developed a series of engineering solutions for cement composite material steel storage assembly. In the discharging side, the steel silo can be designed as gasify type or automatic flow type to solve the problem of discharging difficulties. 
In the steel silo seal aspect, through improving welded type steel silo top and manhole door and other seal components to meet the demand of seal.  In wear aspect of steel silo assembly, the steel silo's wall is relatively thin, can not long with stand the direct erosion of materials, KMEC steel silo feeding system through rational design, and reasonable to avoid the impact of material on the warehouse wall, prolonged service life, thus to solve the problem of poor wear resistance. 
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