Flat Bottomed Silo

Flat bottomed silo
Brief Introduction to the Flat bottomed silo:
The flat-bottom silo is one type of the steel silos manufactured by KMEC. KMEC is a professional steel silo manufacturer in China. The Flat Bottom Silos are widely used in grain process and storage lines. It can store grains and other pellet materials for a longer period. This kind flat-bottom silo has strong frame and can resist external corrosion. The flat bottomed steel silos are popular for its large diameter and capacity, convenient installation and lower costs. There are many unloading ways for consumer choosing, such as free-fluidized unloading and multi-spot unloading. Sometimes the clients can use hopper bottom steel silo to store the materials. The flat bottomed silo can be used in agriculture industry and food industry.
Features of the Flat bottomed silo:
1. Huge capacity and low cost, flat bottom steel silos can be easily maintained.
2. Robust frame and special design.
3. High tensile strength and large diameters.
4. Resistive to adverse climate and has various ways of unloading.