Stainless Steel Silo

stainless steel silo
Brief Introduction to the Stainless Steel Silos:

The stainless steel silo is made of the high alloy steel material which can resist corrosion. The stainless steel silo has beautiful appearance and good performance. The stainless steel storage has a multitude of application ranging from the bottled water industry, juice factory and corn syrup to the bulk products ingredients. The stainless steel silos also can be used in beverage and food processing industries. The exterior finishes often include stainless wrap, painted carbon steel outer shell and heat transfer sleeve.    
The Application of Stainless Steel Silo:
1. Selecting electric trace heating for temperature maintenance applications.
2. Using specially designed spray-up CIP system.
3. Vertical or horizontal agitation.
4. Cone bottom skirt supported design (often used in corn syrup or sugar applications).