Cement Silo

Cement silo
Brief Introduction to the Cement silos :
Cement silo is used for storing cement, coal ash, grain and other bulk material. Cement steel silo is a closed tank which has many kinds of specifications, such as 35m³ cement silo, 70 m³silo, 150m³ silo and 200m³ cement silo. Moreover, the steel silo manufacturers can make the special specification cement silo according to the clients' need of size. In general, most cement silos adopt cylinder support structure. The cement silo equipped with dust-cleaning plant on the top end to dust leaking and environmental pollution. The cement steel silo equipped with material level sensing system, which can show the position and quantity of the materials. It is convenient for workers to know the storage condition at any time. At the bottom of cement silo, there is a hole device which can get rid of material caking and make the powder discharged more smoothly. We also provide other high quality steel silos, such as stainless steel silo and flat bottom silo.
Features of Cement Silo:
1. The cement silo has advantages of rain-proof, moisture proof and convenient to use.
2. Easy installation with its characteristics of safety and reliability.
3. The parts of the cement silos are manufactured by special laser cutting and drilling technologies.
4. The parts of cement silo which are hung on automatic conveyor line , are painted in special painting cabinets.