Corrugated Steel Silo

Corrugated Steel Silos
Brief Introduction to the Corrugated Steel Silos:
Our company produce various kinds of galvanized corrugated steel silos and dual plate laminated heat preservation steel silos. The manufacturing equipment with advanced technology and reasonable craft. The corrugated steel silo installation quality is reliable. The corrugated steel silo can be constructed in mild steel and stainless steel as well. Steel silo ancillary equipment with an empty and full test system, temperature test system, ventilation system, circulation fumigation system. Also equip with the grain conveying equipment, cleaning equipment and dust removal equipment. The corrugated steel silos exported to Africa, Europe and other places. You can also use grain silo to store grain and other bulk materials.
Features of Corrugated Steel Silos:
1. Corrugated steel silo has reasonable production craft and advanced manufacture technology.
2. The accessory equipment of corrugated steel silo is improved.
3. The price of corrugated steel silo in KMEC is rational and competitive.
4. The material of corrugated steel silo is mild steel or stainless steel.