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The Steel Silo Construction in Many industries

1. Save the coal ash of power plant, currently, in order to avoid contamination of dry fly ash, the power plants use the method of dischargeing fly ash with water, this way for the sewage storage, this not only takes up a lot of land resources, but also to bring a lot of inconvenience for manufacturers, and consumes a lot of financial and material resources in the drying procedure. The use of a large dry fly ash storage steel silo not only saves a lot of ash storage sites, but also eliminates the environmental pollution, but also provide a lot of convenience for the users, these is worthy for power plant to examine steel silo construction. 
2. National repository for the national food reserve and storage need large scale steel silo construction, the State put a lot of money, but also take up a lot of land, the large steel silo is an ideal grain reserves equipments, it is not only save investment, but also store safety and convenient. Steel silo construction can store a large number of tons of grain, the investment is low and the distance between steel silo as long as 3 meters, you cancompletely solve the problem of in storage and out storage in a steel silo, and people can use electronic monitoring to know changes in grain database. Because it is similar to the vacuum storage, coupled with ventilation and gasification plant, which can extend the storage time of food in the steel silo construction, the steel silo storage can avoid losses caused by rat bite, to ensure the quality of grain storage, to reduce down the number of storage and to reduce national grain storage investment. 
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