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China Steel Silo Has A Great Progress in KMEC

In the 100 years history of steel silo development, China is the late start country, however, the pace of China steel silo development is remarkable. From the early 1980s (the introduction of steel silo) to 1990s, the Chinese steel silo industry has been unprecedented developed. In this short period of two decades development, the Chinese steel silo businesses by continuously introducing the foreign advanced technology, constantly digestion, absorption and innovation, this promoted development and progress of the whole China steel silo industry. KMEC is one of these China steel silo manufacturers.
Established nearly two decades, KMEC steel silo progress and innovation are strikingly, with excellent product quality, perfect system, integrative services, KMEC provides customers with  all types of engineering China steel silo and  solutions of comprehensive problems, KMEC steel silo has always been a large number of users' support and favour. 
Although the the steel silo industry is developing very rapidly, but in the professional technology, compared with foreign advanced enterprises, China steel silo industry has a big gap. In the early 2000s, KMEC introduced the first American fabricated steel silo with full set of technology and special equipment production line. According to the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, design software and production standards, KMEC innovated and developed China steel silo. Then KMEC begun to produce, manufacture and install assembled steel silo, so that the steel silo performance, security and strength are higher than others with the same type. The products are favoured by  a large number of customers, and are exported abroad. 
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