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How Much Do You Know Cement Steel Silo

Cement steel silo consists of steel structure part, ladder stand, load material pipe, dirt catcher, pressure safety valve, high-low material level indicator, discharge valve. Cement steel silo also called cement tank, it is cylindrical structure, the bottom has four circular tube landing legs to support the whole steel silo, the top of cement steel bin has dust remover and pressure safety valve. The dust remover equipment can adsorb suspended particle in the silo, and reduce pollution to the surroundings. The whole silo body is steel structure to be welded. When the dirt on the dust remover is too much, it can be shake off by the rotation motor stared by electric control system. 
Silo discharge orifice and the external device (powder transportation equipment) connected by flange joint, the gate is equipped with discharge control valve, which can control cement or other powder discharge volume. Each lower and upper part of cement silo is equipped with an RF capacitance level limit switch, the switch can perceive height position of storage of materials, this switch can timely and accurately response to the storage condition of cement and other powder materials through electrical signals. The cement silo is equipped with earth protective device. KMEC provides all kind of steel silos include cement silo, grain silo and hopper steel silo.
cement steel silo
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