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The Grain Steel Silo Advantages in Structure

The grain steel silo has many advantages, such as light dead load, low requirement on the foundation, small floor era, saving labour and low costs. The grain silo can also use double-wall panels to combine the two different materials process into one, this can reduce construction costs of grain steel silo. Meanwhile, steel silo construction largely unaffected by seasons, weather and other factors, companies can quickly achieve good economic benefits. According to the actual calculation, compared with the reinforced concrete silo with the same capacity, the use amount of steel of reinforced steel silo and grain silo almost equivalent. But the amount of cement to save about 2 / 3. Concrete silo due to weight and height requirements based on the high cost, the total investment is higher of 15% to 40% than the grain silo. 
Fabricated steel silo has large storage capacity, high degree of automation machinery, management tends to scientific, reasonable and networking. The grain silo can effectively reduce operating costs, and part of grain silo is  removable and replaceable, it is easy to operate. The grain steel silo diameter is short and the height is higher than other silos. The height of grain level is relatively high and the ventilate is good. Especially after the grain silo is prolonged use, it is not easy to appear cracks and damage of moisture-proof layer and so easy to repair, the maintenance will be more convenient.
grain steel silo
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