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The Origin and Development of Steel Silo

Steel silo's development more than 100 years of history, from the riveting style warehouse, welding steel silo, assembling type and helix warehouse to the WDCPO steel silo, steel silo for the development of more than 100 years of history, the steel silo was first widely used in foreign countries, the steel silos used for grain storage originated in the early 20th century, in the end of 1970s, steel silo replaced almost any type of granary in the foreign food industry. 
Currently, the U.S. 95% of the granaries are steel silos. China's steel silo technology application and development in the food industry started relatively late. In 1990s, China's steel silo construction has achieved unprecedented development. In the 21st century, KMEC introduced U.S. technology of steel silo and special equipment production lines. According to foreign advanced technology, design software and production standards, KMEC innovated and developed the steel silo based on the digestion and absorption of advanced technology. Began mass production, manufacture and installation of fabricated steel silo, so that the strength of steel silo, performance, security with reliability.  And exported a large number of steel silo products, it represents today's China steel silo manufacturing, production, installation have been reached international standard. 
Currently, steel silo can store granular, powder, grain, food, brewing, coal, building materials and so on, it has been widely used in industrial and agricultural areas, urban and environmental protection industry and other fields.