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Recently, the steel silo news shows that  the installed steel silo engineering of 800,000 tons of cement mill plant completed successfully, the applied steel silo material was provided by KMEC steel silo company. It is understood that, this project include 14 steel silo warehouses, the 14 steel silo consists of 8 roll bending silo and 4 welded steel silo, with a total weight of up to 800 tons, basically equals to the total weight of four large derricks. The largest steel warehouse adds footing foundation is up to 32 m height. KMEC used hyperbaton method in this welded steel silo installation to ensure the quality and time limit of this project, KMEC achieved good reputation of consumers and industries.  
It is understood that KMEC also produce small size steel silo, it is seal assembly warehouse, and the body shape of small grain warehouse with three storage ring and a cover, its diameter is 1.2 meters, and height is 1.36 m, can be loaded 1 ton of grain. With the features of moistureproof, ratproof, insects prevention, etc., the small size steel silo can not only solve the rats bite, insects, leakage damp and mildew, fire and other damage caused the problems of food, but also to promote the sustained income for households, and clean and beautify the residential environment.
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