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Grain Silo Types in KMEC Company

There are so many grain silo type in our daily life. There are some typical grain silo types in KMEC company. The users will understand more after reading this article. 
1. Room type grain silo. The appearance of this type of grain bin is similar with the general bungalow. The common storehouse are simple warehouse and large scale steel silo.
2. Building type grain silo. This is a multistoried structural storage silo model. 
3. Arch form grain silo type. The top or the whole silo body is arc-shaped construction. 
4. Cylindrical silo. This gain silo type is a simple construction for grain storage. Common cylindrical silos are reinforced concrete silos, brick silos, steel silos (including the cylinder usies corrugated steel plates). 
5. Underground bin, this granary type is built under the ground, including underground horn warehouses. 
6. Embankment silo: this grain silo type is surrounded by the dwarf wall of permanent support, the grain heap above is covered by the plastic skin with the waterproof moisture and semi-permeability.
7. The plastic grain silo. This grain silo storage form is production of PVC and other polymer materials which can prevent fire, water, wind, insects, mouse and equipped with mechanical ventilation. 
The above are the common grain silo types in our daily life. Each has its own characters to meet the different needs of consumers. 
grain silo type
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