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The Ventilation Technology of Grain Silo Storage

Today KMEC will introduce the ventilation technology of grain silo storage. Let's take the cylinder silo for example, the vertical silo, steels gain silo and underground horn silo belong to the cylinder grain silo. The ventilation technology of grain silos storage has similarity between each other. The ventilation system is similar, but the using form is different. Here is the features of ventilation system os cylinder grain silo storage. Such as the ducts ventilation application of the vertical radial ventilation systems. The whole floor ventilation in grain silo storage is more common than the house form. 
Perforated metal floor ventilation system. The general method in steel grain silo ventilation system is use the metal plate with sieve pore. and another is the only position the end of the central parts of the square pits capped with mesh metal panels as a ventilated floor, the former called the whole position at the end of the system, which is called a square pit system. 
The end of the system with uniform allocation air, better ventilation and natural air can be used in the new grain silo storage and the old warehouse. The feed and discharge are convenient. In order to prevent the air flow along the silo wall short circuit or direct leakage, so sieve do not extend to the edge of the grain silos. 
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