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The Technical Requirement of Grain Silo Ventilation System

1. The selection of the ventilation slot spacing. In order to reduce the grain temperature and water uniformity after ventilation. The users must be the correct selection of the spacing of the ventilation slots when installing the grain silo ventilation system. It is better to adopt punching floor for the grain stack ventilation and water reduction.
Because it can ensure the airflow evenly distributed, but the drawback is that it need more steel plate with more high cost. Grain silo ventilation system can save material, reduce cost. But inorder to achieve the purpose of uniformly lower grain moisture, the spacing of ventilation duct preferably not larger than the half height of the grain bulk. In order to achieve the purpose of uniformly reduce the grain temperature, the ventilation slot spacing of the gain silo ventilation system must follow the "access rate principle". Airflow through the grain layer to reach the grain surface of the longest path and shortest path ratio, referred to as "access rate". 
2. The gas volume that flow through the grain layer. Units of stored grain silo ventilation system with air flow, must be able to fully meet the requirements of all the grain bulk cooling before abnormal changes in the grain bulk. The required units of gas flow the somewhat ventilation purpose, grain, granary structure type, size of storage capacity and climatic conditions, and to be taken into comprehensive account. The above is the technical requirement f gain silo ventilation system when the users take use of gain silos. 
grain silo ventilation system
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