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Corn And Rice Silo Storage Skill

The weather has been cold when corn at harvest, combined with the package leaves on the corn, this cause the original moisture can up to 20-30%, the corn breathing is strong, which is 10times that of wheat. At this moment, it is not good to use corn silo storage. For the corn features, KMEC corn silo professional suggests the following methods of corn storage. Firstly, reduce the moisture content by shucking leaves before breaking off corn cobs. Dry the corn in the sun for 15days, the moistures content can low of 5-6% than the corn without shuck. This method can increase production of 5%, at the same time, it is convenient for corn silo storage. 
Colloidal structure of the rice is flabby, the rice is less resistance to high temperature, by each high temperature, can cause quality deteriorate, and resulting in yellow rice. KMEC grain silo professional analyse: if rice moisture content up to 18% or above and temperature is 20 ° C - 30 ° C, after the rice silo storage for one week will cause 10% of yellow rice. Aimed at the characteristics of the rice storage, rice silo storage should take the following measures: First, drying rice in the field, until the rice drying to 14 - 14.5% moisture, turn the rice regularly to avoid yellow rice caused by local heating. Not put the rice in bright sunlight, prolonged sun exposure, in order to avoid the broken rice and increase paddy rice yield and improve eating quality. After that, you can use rice silo storage method to keep rice quality. 
corn silo storage
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