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Which Steel Bin Machine Can Save Money

Save money and cost is one of the most important aspect for many consumers. They always find the steel bin machine which can save many and bring more benefits. KMEC steel bin can save 55% of investment than the traditional warehouse, tons of cement storage investment can less than 200 yuan. 
The silo-based load way of conventional concrete cement is to rely on geology to load the strength of the pressure. KMEC steel bin machine use a ring foundation with cohesive anti-floating force, this new load way can avoid the high investment on intensive basis and piling. 
Statistics show that the traditional silo tons of construction investment is about 300 ~ 450 yuan, the construction of large steel bin is slightly different according to the geological conditions, KMEC steel bin with large capacity and less auxiliary facilities, tons of investment is generally around 200 yuan. 
The construction period of steel bin is short, generally three months to be completed. Steel bin machine basis not need piling, just to do simple processing, generally, the construction period of steel silo is 180 days, while KMEC steel bin machine con be constructed within 3 months. As a single steel bin storage, storage capacity can be built 1-12 tons, of course people can also choose to set up a cement silo base. 
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