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The Character of China Steel Bin

China steel bin is favoured by most foreign consumers, the reason why it is popular will be provided by KMEC steel silo experts in the following. China steel bin adopt intelligent control and real-time monitoring device to ensure the storage material can achieve the best condition and is more conducive to the material reserves. 
Currently, thetechnical basis of wide used steel bin on the market still remains on the mechanical structure and electrical control, there are inevitable technical flaws: the lack of intelligent control in material storage, backward technology, more human intervention, can not understand the operation condition in steel silo. The traditional steel bin can not guarantee the materials quality after long-term stable storage. Because of these, KMEC made great efforts for technological innovation, it makes China steel bin use computer control technology to automatically detect storage condition, such as inside flow rate, temperature, moisture, pressure, material level, storage volume and so on. So the China steel bin has been upgraded to the scientific management of computer-based intelligent control.
The structure design with feeding pipe and feeding cone, to ensure the discharge rate of China steel bin can up to 90%-95%. The bottom of China steel bin is optimized to increase discharge rate.  Please contact us if you have any question about China steel bin in KMEC company.
China steel bin
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