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What Should You Know about Grain Steel Bin Construction

Steel silo as a new form of silos, has been universally used after more than 30 years of development in the world, it is widely used in all aspects of grain storage and transport in the food industry, grain steel bin construction has become the symbols of modernity bulk storage. All of these depends on the three superiority of grain steel silo: 
1. Excellent applicability. Grain steel bin construction in the realization of the mechanization of grain storage and automation with unsurpassed performance, such as the sending and receiving of grain, the food situation monitoring and handling, and the ventilation, temperature can be very convenient realized.
2. Superior economic. Gain steel bin construction has the lowest construction cost of in all silo type, in addition to the cost of the silo itself, the fundamental part cost is also low, it is only 1/2 of reinforced concrete silo cost. Compared with the existing brick and concrete structure positions it also can save 20% of the investment. With the price of steel to further reduce construction costs, the grain steel bin construction will be gradually decreased. 
3. Excellent constructiveness. The grain steel silo has a higher constructiveness, the basic requirement is simple, construction is fast, not affected by weather factors. After the users understand these three superiorities, they will know the KMEC grain steel bin will be the best choice.
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