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The Computing Method of Grain Silo Capacity

The main function of the grain steel silos used to store food as a storage container. Under normal circumstances, before the design and planning, taking into account the total storage capacity requirements and the use of the venues, with a reasonable process to determine the appropriate grain silo specification model. This article describes the calculation of grain steel silo storage capacity. 
Grain silo storage capacity includes a total storage capacity volume and the effective storage capacity volume. The total grain silo capacity refers to the silo total inside volume, the effective storage capacity refers to the part that can be stored material. Effective storage capacity related to the variety of storage materials, the angle of repose of varieties of materials is different. The consumers are generally concerned about the effective storage capacity, referring to the grain silo can store how many tons of materials. 
The angle of repose of several common materials respectively are: corn 28°, soybean 25°, paddy 35°, rice 28°,flour powder 40°,wheat 25°. To calculate the effective storage capacity of the grain silo, the first basis for two different discharge way of the grain silo, while the silo is divided into flat bottom steel silo and cone bottom steel silo. Effective storage capacity also related to the warehouse roof angle (d1 °) and angle of repose of the material (d2°). 
grain silo capacity