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What Is Steel Warehouse

Steel warehouse is a is a new storage device, its structural principle and control technology is completely different from the traditional cement storage equipment. This new steel warehouse adopts new design concept, high-tech and multi-function. It is the substitute products of the traditional cement storage device and steel plate silos. The design and application of steel warehouse has been completely solved the off-season storage and ensured continuous production in busy season. The KMEC steel warehouse use computer control system to reform the quality inspection and control technology in the process of material storage. It attract corporate attention of all levels of leaders and experts in cement industry and grain industry.
The core technology of the steel warehouse is the body infrastructure, discharge material technology and intelligent control. According to the geological conditions and construction different tonnage, the silo infrastructure should adopt adaptive design and construction, you can save more than half of the investment compared with traditional pile and raft foundation. Before the success of the design and development of the steel warehouse, the most advanced large-scale steel silo is the third generation, compared to traditional cement storage equipment, the performance of KMEC steel warehouse is greatly improved, to some extent, improve the cement out rate and homogenization, recognized by many industries.