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The Bulk Cement Silo for Most Consumers

Store cement in bags only can prolong the retention period to 3 months. While the bulk cement silo with large storage section and good homogenization effect. The bulk cement silo can increase cement density with the storage period extending, the material in bulk cement silo basically in the state of vacuum seal. This kind of steel silo is better than the masonry structure and the bag storage. According to the testing, storage of cement more than 2 years will not agglomeration, in addition to the compressive strength has slightly improved. Thus, the bulk cement silo with good sealing performance is the best choice for long storage of cement. 
The large bulk cement silo need to consider the geology requirement. The common silo need gravel pile, while when build the large bulk cement silo, it is necessary to adopt special base. Here are the features of bulk cement silo. It can ensure the quality of cement for a long time. Different scale enterprise can choose bulk cement silo with different storage volume and numbers. KMEC cement silo can save the construction cost and packaging cost. It also suitable for any kind of geological conditions without any tilt and sinking. Welcome to consult KMEC bulk silo if you have any question.
bulk cement silo
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