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The Wide Range Application of Steel Warehouse Engineering

With the steel warehouse engineering is widely used in food processing plants, oil refinery, ports and other industries, the grain silo storage security has received increasing attention of more and more people. Grain (cereals, oilseeds, etc.) whether to be safty storage is mainly affected by the following factors: grain moisture content, grain temperature, the impurity condition of grain and other factors(such as injurious insect).  Control the main indicators above is the key to safe grain storage. Each of the above indicators is associated. In general, when the grain moisture content is high, the grain temperature is easily elevated, and elevated grain temperature exacerbated the food grain respiration, thereby further increasing the moisture of the food, so a vicious cycle making the storage of the food is rapidly warming, and ultimately lead to a serious decline in food quality. 
In addition, if the impurities in the grain is more, even if the overall moisture content of the grain is not high, the moisture content of the parts of the grain in the impurity concentration may still be exceeded, thus causing local food warming. If the warming parts of the grain heap at the bottom of the steel warehouse engineering, the hot and humid air will rise upward, so that the entire grain temperature rapidly warming, resulting in the decline of food quality.  From the steel warehouse engineering practice that we come into contact with, the moisture content of the grain manufacturers and food transit, storage units should be considered. The grain material indeed rely on the steel warehouse engineering to ensure the quality.