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The Steel Warehouse Variety in KMEC

KMEC has many kinds of steel warehouses, today we will introduce steel warehouse variety according to the working performance. 
1. Receive grain warehouse. This kind of steel warehouse assumes receive the bargaining grain on farms. The grain without long-term storage, usually built of small silo or brick silo, equip with a mobile granary machinery. 
2. Storage steel warehouse. This variety of steel warehouse for long-term grain storage, built of reinforced concrete silo is conducive to material all year round custody, it equip with a fixed in and out hole, cleaning, measuring, ventilation and other equipment, the grain storage control functions is perfect. 
3. Transit shipment steel wareshoue. The material in port, wharf and along the line of railway need large steel warehouse and with many transit numbers. These places need to construct large or medium size reinforced concrete silo or steel silo. This steel warehouse must has the features of high mechanization and automation degree. Application of the equipment with large loading and unloading capacity, to maintain high efficiency. Such as the Tianjin Xingang Port, the unit storage capacity of 4500 tons, total of 14 silos with a total capacity of more than 60,000 t. 
These are the three typical steel warehouse varieties in KMEC. All of these equipment were designed by our special experts who have years of design experience. Welcome to KMEC to consult and buy steel silos
steel warehouse variety
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